Retaking Goal #1

This is a special occasion readers, an archive post and a real post in the same day. Wonderful, no?

I remember the frustration I dealt with when I found out that searching “Riknas” on Google would lead to the search engine asking, “Did you mean Diknas?”That said, my first goal as a blogger/podcaster had been to make my name prominent enough so that Google wouldn’t try to correct you when you type “Riknas”. I remember feeling quite proud of myself and asking my co-host Andras to give me a pat on the back (because only a jerk would actually pat themselves on the back) for when that goal was reached.

Unfortunately, it seems that since then, likely with the disappearance of the original Riknas Rants and the plug being pulled on the feed for the Free Play Podcast, the number of valid searches for Riknas have declined, as well as the number of people searching me in the first place; Google decided that “Riknas” stopped being a real name again and started recommending people to search Diknas.

To this day I still don’t even know what diknas means, or if there’s a difference between “Diknas” and “diknas”. Maybe it’s actually an acronym and is really D.I.K.N.A.S. And you know what? I don’t care. DIKnas is my enemy. DiknAS is my rival. I fought DiKNas once and won. And I will defeat DIkNas once more. Bring it, DIKNAS.

Riknas, signing off!

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