The Newbie Blogger Initiative (A bit late)

Get ready for another two-post day (don’t get used to it) folks!

Now, did I say a bit late? Sorry, I meant very late. I just recently found out about the Newbie Blogger Initiative, where Veteran bloggers help out the Indie or “Newbie” bloggers. It’s almost like a humanitarian outreach program for bloggers, only with less implications of poverty and racial tension. That said, I think it’s a fantastic way to expand on the blogosphere to promote gaming and put new life into the community. That said, I’ve since decided to participate in it. Of course, no one knows whether or not to call me a sponsor or someone to be sponsored since while I’ve obviously been involved in blogging before, I’m starting completely fresh again and I’m not even a valid search result anymore.

Even then, I’m level-headed enough to know that the popularity of my blogs have paled in comparison to my time in the Free Play Podcast and the Multiverse podcast. Now, some of you might call this cheating, but with that in mind I’ve decided to try my hand at both because I can’t decide what to pick. In my archives I had already made some posts about proper blogging and blogging tips, so it seems silly not to repost those. It is possible I might be excommunicated from the blogging community for this treacherous act of lighting the candle on both ends, but what is life without risks?’

Make sure to read the next post, “The Blogging Rings”
Riknas, not-quite-signing-off-but-will-in-the-next-post-so-keep-reading-please.

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