This is Chaos!

Actually, that’s a lie. It’s just Anarchy Online, which is pretty orderly and straightforward, contrary to what the name would tell you. As I said earlier, I have been playing this game for around two weeks with Donovan from Donovan Drones. If you want a more thorough insight about our time spent there, I would recommend checking out his blog. That said, I figured I’d point out that the game hasn’t changed a whole lot since I last visited it a few years ago. That said, it’s not actually a bad thing. There’s something oddly nostalgic about knowing something isn’t going to change too much even when you’re gone for a long time. Of course, that’s not necessarily good in the event you’re thinking of a useless significant other, or perhaps your dead-beat father who has somehow mastered maintaining an ugly 5’oclock shadow since the day you were born. But don’t worry about that too much, because this time is the good sort of nostalgic.

Now, that isn’t to say that nothing has actually happened in Anarchy Online since I left, there have in fact been content updates and the ongoing war between the Clans and Omnitek still rages on (or plods along, I honestly don’t know if they’ve managed to keep the steam going for ten years). And even then, I think will the time spent away from it, and my time playing modern MMOs has actually managed to give me a new sense of appreciation for what the game does actually have to offer. More on that in my next post…

Riknas, signing off.

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