This Is Chaos! Part Two

I have no clever title. I apologize.

Anyway, before I say anything else I thought I’d mention that I found a review I did of Anarchy Online way back when the Free Play Podcast was still the Free Play Blog, so expect to see that real soon (Like, say, tomorrow).

Donovan has been very entertained by the ambiance of the world, and it pleases me almost as much to see someone else embrace online gaming in this way. It’s also interesting to point out that Anarchy Online has  features that people still talk about having added in or as an available feature in more modern MMOs. A skill based level system (everytime you level up, you are then allotted skill points which you can distribute yourself), player housing, and and a robust crafting system.

On top of that, they have a feature that I don’t know that any other game has. Random mission terminals. “What?” you say, “Star Wars Galaxies had that! And City of Heroes added that in too! There’s nothing unique about a random mission terminal!”And, to be fair, this is true.

However Anarchy Online let’s you actually qualify what kinds of missions you would like via use of several slider bars, some of which are quite easy to understand, such as “Easy-Hard. But the rest are a bit less explanatory, for example there is a “Open-Hidden” slider, which ultimately details how many secret items there are, such as secret rooms and locked chests/containers. And then are some more ambiguous sliders such as “Order-Chaos”, which apparently affect the nature of the enemies that you will find. And then there are some sliders where in a modern MMO you wouldn’t even think of, such as “HeadOn-Stealth”, or an “XP-Money” slider. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could actually choose an emphasis on whether or not we wanted credits more when running a Daily mission, or needing XP to catch up with your obnoxious friend that started grinding when you weren’t online (that’s right Donovan, I’m looking at you!) In fact, there’s even a Good-Evil slider, so we can actually decide on what we want the context of the mission to be. Am I helping deliver a desperately needed serum to a sick man in Cryo-stasis, or just putting down someone that owes another fellow money? I definitely never had the chance to decide something like that before.

Not only that, but it’s sci-fi! And we don’t have a whole lot of MMOs that touch upon that without being a space simulation. I mean, come on.

So far, I’m enjoying myself more than I expected to.

Riknas, signing off!

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