Funcom’s Still At It

One of the earliest screen shots for the new engine.

Hello once more! No, this isn’t a Secret World post just yet. Rather, I wanted to draw attention to something else, especially knowing that The Secret World is on the horizon.

While Funcom is currently more well known for the development of Age of Conan, and the aforementioned Secret World, we can not forget their first online game, Anarchy Online. Despite the tremendous difficulties that Funcom has dealt with their debut MMO release, Funcom has continued to support it in a way that we normally expect from a single-MMO developer such as CCP or Aventurine.

Back in 2007 (three years after the game had become Free to Play) they had announced their intention to revamp the game’s graphics engine and “release it fresh”. Many of us had long since discarded the change to be vapor ware, but after the release of Duke Nukem Forever, we know anything is possible.
That said, five years later they have continued to develop this new engine, and went so far to say in a Massively Article that not only is there going to be a graphics overhaul, but an overhaul to the entire game, changing the starting experience and even going so far as to change the system mechanics and “content interaction”. While many would say the graphics update is long overdue, I think the extra time spent to change the rest of the experience is definitely worth it. Not only that, with the Online Gaming in such a negative spot right now, this might be the perfect time for Anarchy Online to try and make a comeback.

Riknas, signing off!

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