High Latency Living

Hello again internet! Don’t you just hate when lag, or high latency, is in the way of your MMO or general online gaming? Yeah, issues like that are annoying, frustrating, sometimes catastrophic, and other times even heartbreaking.

You know what isn’t annoying, frustrating, and sometimes catastrophic (No promises on the heartbreak though, depending on your point of view)?

A lot of things actually…
But this time I’m talking more specifically about High Latency Life, which is a cool blog that happens to be significantly better then actually living with high latency, and dare I say: enjoyable. Today I had the privilege of Chris “The River” putting up a guest post I wrote for him on Retro MMOs. It was a fun article to write, and I suggest you check it out on his site. Then subscribe to his feed…and then leave him your social security number, and then mail me your paypal information (credit card number works too).

Riknas, signing off!

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