Roleplayers: Bloggers Hate You

At least, that’s the vibe that I’ve been getting for a while now. People don’t like talking about roleplaying. Fair enough, it’s not exactly something that you can mention in casual conversation when you meet someone at the gym, it’s a bad icebreaker, else they think you look like this in your off hours. But the thing is, I find that even when roleplay does come up, it’s almost never positively portrayed. It’s like the image of any roleplayer is that of a bad cosplayer. It’s like people have the idea that roleplayers sit there at their keyboard in full wizard attire. The game probably doesn’t even matter. If you are a roleplayer on EVE Online, no doubt you’re probably still wearing that robe and pointy hat. It’s probably not even a good wizard costume in the first place.

Oh come on, you don’t even have a robe on!

I remember mentioning in passing on the Contains Moderate Peril podcast that sometimes I would role play in MMOs. In retrospect, I now wonder if people hearing that would go, “Riknas roleplays? Eugh!” and then block my site just to make sure they didn’t have to see it.’s Jaime Skelton did an article back in 2010 discussing the “truth” behind roleplayers. Are roleplayers that sinister? Was there an MMO crusade that I missed where roleplayers on every game started spawn-camping all the noobs and killing people’s friends and family? I don’t remember that. But maybe there really was, maybe I was actually part of it but someone had gotten me so high off crystal meth I don’t remember the details of it. To be fair, that would explain the scars on my hands and the corpse in my basement…

Maybe I don’t look around enough, but I don’t remember someone actually stopping to say that roleplayers are nice people. Sure, I’m not crazy enough to say that they’re just a love-everyone hippie community and none of them would hurt a fly. Obviously that’s not true, there are jerks and snobs like everywhere else, but overall I’d say it’s a pretty solid group. I don’t see at all how people got together and decided this was the community that needed to be taken down a notch.

Because they can also look like this.

Well, whatever, I don’t have time for this. It takes a while to put these robes on, you know.

Riknas, signing off.

2 comments on “Roleplayers: Bloggers Hate You

  1. I don’t hate role players, I hate roleplaying in MMO’s, but no blogger hates it more then me. I’m like the unofficial spokes person for this.

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