It’s In The Blood

Hey guys, do you like League of Legends? Do you like female cosplay? Or perhaps you are a die-hard fan of quantum physics? Wouldn’t it be really interesting if we could somehow take those radically different topics and put them together to make one really awesome product?

Well dear reader…I have no idea how to do that. Sorry.

Instead, I want to talk to you about something else. Although I have been having a ton of fun playing The Secret World, I wanted to mention another game I’ve been playing recently: Bloodline Champions by Stunlock Studios.

Before I say anything else, I want to say that this was a good investment on Funcom’s part. The reason isn’t because the game has been a wild success, because it obviously hasn’t been, but because it’s really a fun free-to-play title that anyone can play.

Basically, it’s an arena-game like Exteel and League of Legends were, but with its own set of special quirks. Although it won “Game Of The Year” at the Swedish Game Awards in 2009, Blood Champions wasn’t released in North America until the start of 2011. To be fair, not a lot of people have heard about it, the only reason I actually found out about this game was because Funcom published it.  That said, I would recommend trying it out, and if you want to work with me, as usual my username is “Riknas”. Don’t worry, there aren’t any servers you have to choose.

Signing off!

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