The Free Play Timer

Hey everyone. I just wanted to chime in on an interesting thing I’ve been hearing for a while now. “I’ll try it when it goes F2P in ___ months”. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the sentiment, but I think there are a couple disturbing implications with this attitude. Between buying the game, free trials and buddy keys, none of these options are compelling enough to even try the game out. Only when it’s entirety is available for free is it worth investigating.

Not only that, but saying that the game will obviously become free-to-play is also an insult to the people playing the game right now. Because apparently everyone enjoying themselves at the moment is simply a fool that doesn’t know they’re paying for something that is obviously not worth fifty cents a day.

The only thing worse is that we say that about every game now, therefore every title is doomed to become F2P. Is the subscription payment option failing so much? I hope not, but I guess we’ll see.

Riknas, signing off.

One comment on “The Free Play Timer

  1. I tend to take these comments as well as wow clone as just trolling. Waiting for a MMO to go free to play is missing the point of the genre in my opinion. Getting into a MMO from the start supporting a game you like and becoming an active member of the community is part of the genre. I like a subscription model you are not bombarded with adverts or ways to pay. Also MMO’s are about the ride from development through patches to see the game you play evolve.

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