A Tragic Cycle

And I’m not just talking about the broken bicycle above. Look at enough articles on Massively, see MMO videos on Youtube, or look at the mmorpg.com forums long enough and you will see so many angry or insulting comments that the sheer amount of negative energy would leave a hippie catatonic and foaming at the mouth.

It seems that each year there will be one game in development that everyone will latch onto as the MMO that will change their lives and the game industry as a whole, and insist it can do no wrong. This MMO will be so amazing that it will cure cancer, end world hunger, and if someone is trying to mug you, mentioning the game will cause them to stop and ask if you’ll play it with them, then send on your merry way with their email address so you can add them to your friends list when this perfect game launches.

Meanwhile, we will scoff at every other online game in existence and then laugh or pity all the idiots that actually intend to play games that are not this upcoming messiah product. As such, every article not about the upcoming messiah game will be lambasted or dismissed; the game looks stupid, the devs are lying to us, or the update is too little too late because hey, our perfect game is already being released. Then there will be a small prayer about how the servers for these games should be shut down so that it can make room for the rest of the internet and we will no longer have to be burdened with the existence of these worthless games. Indeed, no matter what the article is we will find something wrong with it. For example, in the event World of Warcraft offered mohawk hair styles to other races, the forums would alight with a variety of opinions, all of them negative. The first would be in anger that all the previous hair styles were fine, why do we need more? Another would cry out how this is breaking Warcraft canon and doesn’t make any sense, while another cynic goes on about how this is proof that Blizzard is once again kowtowing to the Mohawk Overlords who always seem to pull the strings.

I know that many of us have agreed that the large number of MMOs have led to games cannibalizing each others populations, but guys, we really don’t to shut down every other game beside the perfect one; never mind the fact that after game’s release, we will then find at least half a dozen reasons to crucify it and say that the only logical conclusion is to wait on the next prophesied online game.


Riknas, signing off.

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