For My Fellow Secret Worlders

First of all,  I want to thank those of you that have stopped by to check out some of my Secret World articles. Since I don’t actually talk about the game a whole lot, today I wanted to mention some other places to help you get your fix for The Secret World.

Now, the main reason I know about the The Secret World MMO blogs is thanks to Triple Skull and his blog: One Shard. Even if you’re not a die hard Secret World fan, I recommend checking that guy out. Also, be mindful of the other Secret World blogs he (and I) personally recommends like “The Secret Malaysian War Agent“, CGN: The Secret World and The Hydra Initiative. Keep up the good work guys, I hope to see you in game soon!

Riknas, signing off!

4 comments on “For My Fellow Secret Worlders

  1. Thanks for the links! Since I’m not playing it myself I need all the info I can find in order to get my fix!

    If I ever make an MMO, I’ll provide you with a Buffalo Mount as payment for services rendered.

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