Now Playing: Dark Souls

Hey everyone. I know I haven’t posted in a while. It is my fault, I must confess. My posting schedule will remain erratic for a while, but it should start leveling out tomorrow. In the mean time, let me point out that  I’ve been playing Dark Souls with Donovan for a little while now, and we’re having a great time. Because I finished Demon’s Souls prior, I’m sort of used to the games difficulty. If anything, I actually feel quite used to it, however I noticed he was really pissed at the game when we first started.

The game is seriously unforgiving, and more than willing to kick you in the teeth with difficult bosses, lack of save points, and brutal punishments for dying (amusingly enough, the name of their website is ““). Even so, the level design is absolutely fantastic, and Donovan went on to say that the game’s graphics are beautiful and has a very gritty feel to it; some of the monsters are actually terrifying to meet. As for the difficulty, the best way to handle it is to develop a sense of masochism, knowing that the difficulty of the game itself is its own sort of feature. That said, if you want to try and work with us on Xbox Live, my username is Riknas, and his is “VOAN” (the “O” is a zero, by the way).

Now excuse me, I have to go trudging through some sewers…

Riknas, signing off!


3 comments on “Now Playing: Dark Souls

  1. Hey Riknas,

    Dark Souls is a game I want to play, but I don’t think it would be good for my blood pressure. It’s high enough as it is. The thing is, dying ticks me off, and as I’m sure I would be dying a lot in this game, I’d pretty much stay ticked off—at the game, my life, my wife…everything. That wouldn’t be good. However, I’ve watched quite a bit of video footage of the game, all of which leaves me salivating. This is a game that in my youth I would have devoured, but these days I don’t think I have what it takes anymore (time, patience, and a high tolerance for frustration). I’m seriously contemplating purchasing the game guide which supposedly has walkthroughs on all the tough fights. That way I could sort of prepare myself for what’s to come and perhaps give me a better chance at survival. Something tells me that I’d still be dying a bunch though. Oh, my poor wife…

    • While I can’t say a lot in regards to your blood pressure, it should be noted that reminding yourself that it’s supposed to be a hard game can make dealing with it a lot easier. Sometimes after losing all my souls, to stop myself from breaking my controller in a frenzied rage, I would remind myself that the difficulty is one of its selling points. That makes it something to laugh at, and can almost make losing satisfying in its own way, funny as it may sound.

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