Introducing: iGamer

Alright. First thing’s first, I want to apologize to everyone about my previous post. For the record, I am never attempting another blog project with Donovan ever again; and that’s all I really want to say about that. While I am still interested in continuing the Free Play Blog, it has been made extremely clear to me that our pairing was not meant to be.

However, while Free Play is on hold, I do have another solo project in the works called iGamer.


This will be a weekly series revolving around the topic of Mobile Gaming, be it on your Smart Phone, DS, PSP, or those strange borderline cybernetic technologies like Google Glass. You can expect an analysis of the different genres present in the mobile gaming industry, the varying prices and payment plans present in them; and of course, plenty of video game reviews.

Stay tuned,

Riknas, signing off!



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