It’s All A Blur

Hey there internet, how’s it going? I just recently had a thought: Wouldn’t it be really interesting if I was a cat? I mean, really, that would be pretty crazy. Not only would I be blogging about online gaming, I would be a cat blogging about online gaming. I could start adding new perspective from my feline intuition, and I could record myself playing online games knowing that everyone would watch it and think, “Man, look at that blogging cat! It’s just so adorable!” My readership would sky-rocket, let me tell you.

D’awww, look at him discussing the intricacies of social gaming and online human interaction! Cute!

Oh yeah, I also thought about the blurring lines between multiplayer and single player video games. Mind you, I’m talking about metaphorical blurring, not to be confused with the blurring of your vision after seeing your own mother naked… Don’t think about that last bit too long, or you’ll start to experience the vision blurring as well.

Anyway, people have often complained about multiplayer being forced into games that they feel are meant to be single player. Then, they follow-up by saying that the multiplayer dynamic either weakens the single player experience, or takes away resources that should be going toward the single player experience. Not only that, but the people that buy the game and play the multiplayer content will apparently destroy the franchise entirely by allowing this terrible trend.

At the same time, many a person points out the growth of single player friendly content in MMOs, which¬† also happens to be destroying the value of the multiplayer experience. This leads to the growth of “solo players”, a blight which soils the name of our multiplayer games and will ultimately tear the genre apart by its seams until the MMOs are all just single player games with an optional co-op feature.

Multiplayer games aren’t exclusively multiplayer, and single player games aren’t exclusively single player? As in, we can now play games in more ways than one? That sounds more like progress to me.

Riknas, signing off.