freetoplayheaderWell hey there everyone! After an extremely long hiatus, college has granted me a short-lived summer break. And while my original intention was to simply enjoy myself with reading, writing, and video games, I found that the Riknas Rants blog still called out to me whenever I turned on my computer. I did the best I could to ignore the voice that came from the desktop and burrowed into my brain, and for a long time it worked. However, a short argument with a friend of mine led to a long stint playing yet another Massively Multiplayer Online Game. And it was with that, my fate was sealed.

While this is far from a permanent return (my school life will inevitably put the blog on hold once more), it does mark the return of my very first blogging and MMO Project: The Free Play Blog. Archives of reviews dating back to the original project, as well as a solo review I made is still available on this site. Having said that, I am letting you all know that I will once again be writing reviews of Free to Play Online Games. Not only that, but the new Free Play Blog will be a two person project just like it was when it first started. Every week, we plan to revealĀ  a new F2P MMO, and give you our personal assessment of it. It is our hope that the upcoming reviews will be slightly more intimate in nature than our previous ones. In the original Free Play Blog, I would alternate with Andras Krigare playing a F2P game. He would play one game while I played another, and each weekend one of us would write the review of our respective. This time we plan to actually play the game together like we did in the Free Play Podcast, which should give us more opportunities to appreciate the group dynamics that these games are supposed to offer. Due to some technical restraints, we can not guarantee that we will be able to play every game together, but it should still allow for extra perspective in the upcoming reviews.

Unfortunately, Andras will not be able to resume his old role as my co-host; filling in for Andras will be a long time friend of mine: Donovan. Far from a brand new concept to him, Donovan has had a few of his own blogging ventures, and has actually made a blog post before on a previous iteration of the Riknas Rants blog site. In fact, it was my argument with him that led me to playing F2P MMOs all over again, so every review that we make this summer is entirely his fault. While I can’t say for certain his old posts will be returned, I can confidently say that he is an experienced writer and that you should definitely read his upcoming reviews.

Be ready, we’re coming soon.

Riknas, signing off!